Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hi everyone! I've been receiving quite a few emails requesting to show what is inside my craft room cabinets. I have to say that I am very happy with all the storage provided by the Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Furniture. I have 3 pieces and the quality is also very good. I will try to respond to all questions in the pictures that follow. Hope you all enjoy!

I have 2 Three-Drawer Flat-File Cabinets  and one Eight-Drawer Flat-File Cabinet. On top I have a Pottery Barn Smart Technology™ Hutch. 

The first Cabinet holds my Big Shot Pro machine (you will see here an ACCUCUT GrandeMARK machine - I borrowed this weekend to try it out!) - here I make all invitations, cards, boxes, etc. 

The first drawer holds all my plastic bags to send out my orders.

Second drawer holds all the accessories and extra plates for the cutting machines - I have quite a few different machines that I don't use often anymore. When I first started crafting I bought the Lifestyle Epic Letterpress - at the time I really wanted to learn how to letterpress and I did enjoy it a lot! The dies are also very nice and great quality. Once I got into die cutting more I purchased the Sizzix Big Shot. Than came Cricut Expression, Silhouette Cameo (MY FAVORITE) and when I decided to make my own invitations I purchased the Sizzix Big PRO machine.  

Last month the new Cricut Explorer was on sale and I decided to give it a try. I used it a little bit - I like it a lot better than the expression but I still have the Silhouette as my favorite machine - still trying it out and will start making some projects with the new cricut.

Finally on the last drawer I have the small dies from Sizzix, some of the wafer dies from Lifestyle Craft and the accessories for my ZutterBind-it-All machine.

On the bottom I store all my machines - including the Story Book Binder and Laminator Machine and the Xyron Sticker Maker Machine.

The middle cabinet holds a lot of my supplies. I use the counter space to assemble toppers and anything else I am working on. On top I have the Pottery Barn Smart Technology™ Hutch. 
All of my washi tape and small scissors are stored on top.

The first drawer has all my punches. Very handy and well organized!

 On the second I have a variety of supplies such as wood sticks, lollipop sticks, brads, embellishments, buttons, twine, etc.

After I have all my wood mounted stamps. I love stamps but I do not "play" with them often. I guess this is partly because I am not good at, and time is another issue. I follow a few bloggers and I hope one day to find more time to learn some techniques! 


Next I store all my mats, score board, rulers, and some special papers. 

Then I have the 2 smaller drawers - one filled with bigger punches and the other with big spool ribbons.

On the last 2 drawers I have a lot of cupcake cups and paper straws.

Now into the last one!

On top of this third cabinet it's my stamps pads, organized on a unit from Organize More. Great storage for stamps - also holds my silhouette sketch pens. Beside is my recollections™ storage desktop carousel with my most used tools and pens. Recent I purchased a new paper trimmer from X-ACTO - I am very happy because of the laser that helps me to cut exactly where it needs.

storage units from OrganizeMore.

Inside the first drawer I have my adhesives, tapes, glue gun, embossing heat tool, etc.

 Second drawer holds most of my shipping supplies.

Then I have all my envelopes.

On the bottom I have two 8,5" x 11" paper organizers and a basket with white cardstock. 

Well, I can keep going, but I guess this post is already too long. I will post next the other side - my desk - and the bookshelves and closet.

Click HERE to view my craft room part 1 and HERE for the old craft room.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Girls Bedroom Renovation

We leave in a two story house, and the upstairs was the original 1970's never touched! I will search for photos from the before, but when we moved to this house we made the two bedrooms up there my husbands office/guest and a storage room for my business.

We finally renovated and move the girls up - each in their own space!

The first one is my oldest daughter (she just turned 10) - she wanted a "surf theme" bedroom. The first thing we found was the rug and she fell in love with it!  We chose the two predominant colors - teal and purple - and the rest came along...


My youngest daughter wanted a chic girly room - and we had to have PINK! I always love navy & pink color combination and we just added a touch of gold!

I will post photos of their bathroom soon! I also got a lot of messages for my craft room - so will make another post with new photos and link with furniture and supplies sources! Happy last weeks of summer!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hawaiian Luau!

Here is the lasts collection I have been working for this summer - I love the vintage look! Enjoy!

Water labels, favor tags, cupcake wrappers, favor boxes, and more coming soon to she shop - if you need sooner please contact me!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Special 50th Birthday Celebration

I fell so blessed to have one of the best teacher in the world! I said "one of the best" because most of the teachers my daughters had/have are amazing! But there is something extra special about this one!

Well, this year she celebrates her 50th birthday, and being one of her room moms I put together a few special things for her day!

Instead of a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner I had the kids hold a sign saying Happy 50 - girls had a red heart with happy and boys had a black heart with 50 -
I used the photos to create a banner and cupcake toppers. I also create a mini cake toppers/card for her cake!
Hope you enjoy! xoxo

Friday, February 21, 2014

Easter 2014

I am very excited with new creations for this year! The bad part is I have to many ideas and not enough time, but little by little I am creating new collections and new items for the SHOP! ENJOY!



Coming back soon to post photos of my new addiction: note card set + stickers! See you soon!

Monday, January 20, 2014

HAPPY 2014!!!

I have been away from blogging way to long... I guess I needed a break! I am glad to be back - but sad I skip an amazing post for my latest Christmas dessert table. That will have to wait until next Christmas!

 I took two weeks of vacation and promise myself would take all January off. Well, it didn't happen! As soon as I got back in town I reopen my shop and orders started to bum! I am back working no stop - but very happy with my little orders and clients!

New items in my shop - this year I decided - after so many requests - to have digital items (instant downloads) - so little by little I am updating the shop with lots of new digital items!

 I am showing today a few of my new Valentine's collection - all in the SHOP! Hope you like!

This are my signature bonbon favor boxes - perfect for the mini Hershey's nuggets, chocolate kisses and any small candy or toys!

Here are the lollipop holders - a cute and simple way to tell friends how much we love them! They are also available in other themes and can be personalized with birthday date, thank you message, etc!

Some chocolate kisses - you can either purchase already printed or the instant download digital file and print as many copies as you want!

Mini chocolate wrappers - digital file - in 3 different designs!

 I will post next some water labels and cards! Hope you all have a great week! xoxo