Monday, October 14, 2013

NEW Studio Reveal!

After several month of a complicated "simple" renovation I can enjoy my new peace of Heaven!

We renovated the upstairs of my home (2 bed and 1 bath) and move my girls up! They are very happy with their new space - only theirs! I am thrilled to enjoy their old space! A big bedroom was transformed in my new studio! Feeling so blessed! Very happy to work on my orders and parties... here is the result:

One the first bedrooms I kept a old day bed that can be used for guest. My favorite part of the studio is the Martha Stewart craft tables - it is really amazing how much you can store - and how organize you can be! And quality is very good!
On the back of the room I had tow IKEA LACK bookshelves. They also hold a lot of things and are very sturdy. Unfortunately they are no longer available.
In between the bookshelves I used a small expedited and it is perfect to hold some of my papers.
On the opposite wall I have a desk from Ikea, a ALEX drawer unit, printer, and two cubes from Michael's to store more paper.
I already got a few messages asking to share the "inside" of all cabinets and share some tips on how to organize punches, dies, etc. I will work on that post soon!
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. GORGEOUS! How did you create the paper shelves within the EXPEDIT bookcases?

  2. Hi Bonnie! I bought on AMAZON some 12 x 12 paper trays - here is the link:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!