Saturday, November 6, 2010

{Real Party} - Superheroes Party

I am finally posting the first pictures from the Superheroes party that I've designed for a very good friend of mine.

To design this party was a pleasure because she gave me complete creative freedom. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Ice Cream Parlour / Dessert Table:

For the backdrop I used vintage comic books images.
The birthday cake was provided by my client.
The amazing sugar cookies are from The Cookie Jar

All the art are from Sanqunetti Design and Cupcake Cutiees




 ALL the superheroes art are from Cupcake Cutiees and Sanqunetti Design

Here are a few more photos of the party and all of the superheroes that made this party such a big success! Thank you!

Now - back to work - to my next party - coming up in one week... see you them!


  1. What an amazing job you did! How lucky children are to have you prepare for them ;) I am also so proud to have been a part of your plan. Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to our next venture ;)

  2. Andrea,
    Adorei!Estava lindo! !Quanta criatividade!Muita arte com amor!!!!
    Que bom gosto!Parabéns !Senti não estar com vocês neste dia!Beijos na família especialmente para as lindas filhas!!!!Tia Clarinha

  3. Lisa - thank you again for your wonderful and delicious cookies - they always give my design a very special touch!

  4. Party looks like tons of fun! Your attention to detail is amazing! Great job!!

  5. those kids clearly had an absolute ball -- well done!!

  6. Oi Andrea, adorei seu trabalho... Gostaria de saber se vc trab aqui em N.Y. tbm? ou se por gentileza conhece alguem q vc possa me indicar?!!! pleaseee... gostaria muito de fazer o aniversario de 4 anos do meu filho Mateus do superheroes.
    A festa seria para final de maio, vou aguarda anciosa o seu retorno... desde ja muito obrigada e parabens pelo lindo trab.
    Meu e-mail e: