Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bumbe Bee Mini Chocolate Wrappers

As I promisse, here they are!

They will be part of the dessert table! Now I will start my next one: Rainbow PEACE, LOVE, and CUPCAKES...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bumble Bee New Colection!

This week I am working on a cute "bumble bee" printable collection! I will be styling this party soon and the invitation, cupcake toppers, mini chocolate wraps are going to be available in my shop! Here is a little preview!

The Invitation

Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers

Tomorrow I will {try to} post the mini chocolates! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Real Party} - MAD Scientist - The Photo Booth

Here is the last part of the MAD Scientist Party!

As usual - {I think is addictive!} - I created a Photo Booth and it was a BIG hit!

The Photo Booth

I found the mad scientist wigs on Ebay. I also got a few "real" and FUN glasses at Amazon, Dollar Tree, and Target. I made on Photoshop some mustaches and lips, and some bow ties! The kids {and moms} had a lot of fun dressing up as crazy scientists!

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did planning this CRAAZY party!

{Real Party} - MAD Scientist - Snack Station

Well, every party needs some snacks... Here I tried to pack everything individual. we had mini take out for chicken fingers, mini bags for sandwiches, pop corn, chips, and astronaut ice cream - {not the greatest, but very interested!}

Monday, March 7, 2011

{Real Party} - MAD Scientist - Mad Scientist LAB

My client asked me to create a area for the kids experiments. Here it is!

Each "scientist" had a box with a Lab Coat, safety glasses, and a name tag badge with each ones picture - {not my idea :( I was searching online and found that AMAZING site Bug and Boo Designs and she hosted a Mad Science for her daughter - It was incredible and I had to still a few ideas from her!}. They also had a tray with the experiments and instructions.

The kids had a GREAT time with the Mad Scientist and her CRAZY experiments!

Tomorrow I will post the "snack bar"  and "photo booth" !

{Real Party} - MAD Scientist - The Dessert Table

Waking up on Sunday - the day after - it felt like I had a big "hang over" without alcohol! My entire body hurt! It was all worth it!
The Dessert Table

One more time I order the amazing sugar cookies from The Cookie Jar!

The decor of the table:
LAB glassware from Indigo Instruments
Glass Test Tubes and Rack: Ebay
Clear Human Body from Smart Lab 
Microscope from Learning Resources
Tissue Pom Poms from Sweet Bambinos

The Food:
Mini Eclairs from Delices de France
Cake Shooters from Sprinkles
Sugar Cookies from The Cookie Jar
Chocolate fudge from Sweet Bambinos
Personalized mini chocolate from Sweet Bambinos
Test Tubes with M&M's from Sweet Bambinos
Birthday Cake from Sweet Bambinos

All the mad scientist art used for this party is from Maree True Love

Tomorrow I will post the MAD Scientist LAB Activitie Center, Photo Booth, and Snack Bar!