Monday, March 7, 2011

{Real Party} - MAD Scientist - The Dessert Table

Waking up on Sunday - the day after - it felt like I had a big "hang over" without alcohol! My entire body hurt! It was all worth it!
The Dessert Table

One more time I order the amazing sugar cookies from The Cookie Jar!

The decor of the table:
LAB glassware from Indigo Instruments
Glass Test Tubes and Rack: Ebay
Clear Human Body from Smart Lab 
Microscope from Learning Resources
Tissue Pom Poms from Sweet Bambinos

The Food:
Mini Eclairs from Delices de France
Cake Shooters from Sprinkles
Sugar Cookies from The Cookie Jar
Chocolate fudge from Sweet Bambinos
Personalized mini chocolate from Sweet Bambinos
Test Tubes with M&M's from Sweet Bambinos
Birthday Cake from Sweet Bambinos

All the mad scientist art used for this party is from Maree True Love

Tomorrow I will post the MAD Scientist LAB Activitie Center, Photo Booth, and Snack Bar!

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