Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Real Party} - Tea Party - the dessert table

I love to plan a dessert table. Of course I had to get some (or all of) inspiration at Amy Atlas and HWTM websites. They are the best!

The first thing I had was a left over Manzanita branches I used for the Valentines party I hosted in my house (I will post later this week the valentine d├ęcor and favors). Since my tea party theme had a LOT of butterflies I thought it would be cute to use the same centerpiece - so here is the new version:

I always make custom chocolate bars but this time I found at Target little boxes of Raisinets and decided to use them.

I used craft paper to wrap the boxes and a green paper ribbon. Than I had a lot of left over fabric from the table runner and tea hats and decided to cut thin stripes. On the top I hot glued butterflies that I cut using the Martha Stewart butterfly punch.

Here is how everything came together:

For the backdrop (my wall) I hang a BIG butterfly (from pier1) and a few tissue paper pom poms.

I made marshmallows dipped in pink chocolate ,
brigadeiros - a popular, easy-to-make, sweet enjoyed at Brazilian parties - made with sweet condensed milk and chocolate powder (find recipe here).

Mini fruit tart
Mini eclairs
Mini apple tart
All from the local French Bakery

Mini cupcakes from Mishas
Butterfly sugar cookies from Sunshine Bakes



  1. Hello Andrea. I liked very much this party and the color scheme. I am very fond of green and pink and I am actually planning a dolls tea party with these colors. Reading your post I thought the chocolate wrapping with craft paper was a very creative idea and inspired by you I made my own craft papel wrapping for a ladies' tea I offered at my home this last weekend. thank you for sharing, I liked absolutely everything about this party of yours. And I'm curious. Are you from Brazil? I noticed you have some items from Brasil in your menu and favors.

  2. Hi Beatriz! Sorry I just saw you comment today :) YES, I am from Sao Paulo - how about you? Do you live in the US?

  3. HI Ladies I was just reading your post, love the party and Im also from Brazil, city of Assis. But leave in Louisiana. I have just opened a personalized partie business called Paper Parties and Im lovint it!
    Daiane Adams

  4. This is stunning! And so Spring! I love it. The butterflies on the boxes are perfect.

  5. Wow, love it!!! The colour combo is amazing!!

  6. I love it. You are very creative. I would like to adapt this idea for my Easter celebrations. enjoying your blog.
    x Marnie

  7. Where did you get the grass for the little garden of chocolate-covered raisins?

  8. The grass came from a local flower shop I use for my parties... I imagine any flower shop will be able to set up something like that for you!