Thursday, November 28, 2013


So many things to be thankful for:

My beautiful family: an amazing husband and dad - no words can describe how much I love him and how much I am grateful to have him by my side! The person that knows my flaws and mistakes, and still thinks I am amazing! My two amazing daughters... an unconditional love! The two girls that are happy with little things we share, the ones that always think I am the most prettiest woman on earth!
So thankful for who they are!

My mom, my biggest inspiration in life. The strongest woman I've even known, the one that never gave up!

My true friends - the ones that stick up for me no matter what, never judge, and will always love me for who I am - a precious gift from God!

My work - a true therapy! My passion! Very thankful to do what I love!

Well, hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! Getting ready to celebrate with my family and dear friends!  I made last minute some cute lollipop covers for the kids with my Silhouette. Enjoy!

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