Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today is a very special day! Not only because is Valentine's Day ... but it is very special because 11 years ago on Valentine's Day my life changed FOREVER! 11 years ago my sweetheart and the love of my life proposed... I said YES... and we married a few months later!

Well, let's celebrate! Here is my valentine's projects for this year. ENJOY!

white dessert containers filled with my favorite chocolate - for all of my favorite teachers at my daughters school!
empty tubes with personalized tags {you can fill them with gumballs, pretty pencils, M&M's, etc}
Mini personalized Hershey nuggets to make some ones life very SWEET!
muslin drawstring bag with a hand stitched washi tape - I stamped a heart and each kid's name from my daughter class, then filled the bag with a small heart Valentine's card, lollipop and some cute erasers {for the girls!}
lollipop covers & small clear tubes with personalized tags
here is one of my favorite projects! I saw this cute box on Pinterest and made my Valentine's version: mini chocolates, mini markers, paper clips, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, ribbon, mini cupcake liners, and more... hope I made the teachers smile!
last, personalized water bottles for the kids at the Vday school party!
Enjoy your Valentine's Day

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