Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dollar Store Tiered Trays

It's been a month since I first spotted the most beautiful tiered trays... I couldn't stop looking at the colors - so happy - and I couldn't believe they were from the dollar store... amazing!

Right there when I saw the tutorial for these trays by Julie on Joy's Hope blog I knew I HAD to make my own!

They are made from silver trays that have been spray painted. They are attached to one another using super-glue and crystal candle stick holder turned upside down - all from the dollar store!

So, finally last weekend I made mine - in two different shades of PINK - all PINK - for my upcoming Pinkalicious party!

I had so much fun making my trays! I love the results and I love how easy, fun, and unexpensive it was! The flower shape plates, and clear containers are also from the dollar store!

THANK YOU soooo much Julie for the wonderful idea and great tutorial!

Want to make some colorful and fun tiered trays? Visit Joy's Hope blog and follow her tutorial {and don't forget to send us the pictures from your trays!}


  1. They look amazing! I love the different shapes- especially the flower platters.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing, I am defintiely going to try that one!!

  3. Love these! You did a fabulous job! I am making some ASAP! Did you buy the candlesticks at the dollar store? Do you mind sharing what spray paint colors you used? Those colors are amazing!

  4. It all looks amazing!! Do you know if they r food safe or do you put something between the food and tray?

  5. The candle stick and tray are from Dollar Tree. The colorful trays were made by Joy's Hope {just go in her blog and she has all the details} The Pink ones I made using 2 shades of pink: berry pink and sweet pea - from Rust-Oleum Painters - and don't forget to spray "primer" first!

    They are NOT food safe - but you can cut a peace of pretty paper and display the food on top. I served "pigs in a blanket" and just placed them in mini cupcake liners!