Thursday, March 18, 2010

{Real Party} - Valentines Day

This is the first year I hosted a Valentines Party. It was great! I invited a very small group of my daughters’ friends and they all enjoyed the RED, PINK, and SWEET day!

I always wanted to try making a centerpiece with Manzanita branches. Well, I happened to find the branches at Marshals and here is my creation:

I looked online I found a free template of paper cones (can’t remember where – sorry). They were very simple to make using scrapbooking paper (the thick ones), embellishments, and ribbons to hang them out. I filled them with valentine’s stickers, erasers, mini chocolates, and stamps.

The week before the party I was watching Martha Stewart and for my surprise Dylan Lauren's (Dylans Candy Bay - if you don't know the store you have to check!) was a guest on her show. She made a very fun candy bar topiary! Here is my valentines version!

For dessert we had vanilla & chocolate cupcakes, mini heart oreos, merengue, coconut mousse, and cookies.

Tomorrow I will post the kids table and some more fun ideas for valentines favors!

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